What’s Mine is Yours is a podcast series. Each episode focuses on one person in one country. They describe where they live and how it has changed, or how it is changing. They talk to us about their emergency. They also tell us about what keeps them hopeful.

  • Produced by Alice Boyd and Josie Dale-Jones
  • Music by Hannah Ledwidge
  • Phlyboyproducer
  • Hengga Tiyasa
  • Marcelo Chorus
  • Nishith Mehta
  • Sarmen Almond
  • Thiago Almeida
  • Carmel Smickersgill
  • Studio Musica (Musica Productions)
  • Abhishek Tanna
  • Carmel Smickersgill
  • Sound design by Alice Boyd
  • Graphic Recordings by Milly Rolle